Commit 333e190f authored by Hugo Lefeuvre's avatar Hugo Lefeuvre Committed by Hugo Lefeuvre
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chatview: fix ringInfoHash appearing twice

Do not display both alias and id if they are identical.

Change-Id: I460781e80339e29b55de6b2074e5825f110f712f
Gitlab: #926
parent 5c419984
......@@ -518,6 +518,8 @@ update_chatview_frame(ChatView* self)
auto bestName = contactInfo.registeredName;
if (bestName.empty())
bestName = contactInfo.profileInfo.uri;
if (bestName == alias)
alias = "";
bestName.erase(std::remove(bestName.begin(), bestName.end(), '\r'), bestName.end());
alias.erase(std::remove(alias.begin(), alias.end(), '\r'), alias.end());
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