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gnome: improve readme

Refs #66535

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......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ communicate with the Ring daemon and for all of the underlying models and their
logic. Ideally ring-client-gnome should only contain UI related code and any
wrappers necessary for interacting with libRingClient.
......@@ -14,6 +15,7 @@ Requirements
- GTK+3 (3.10 or higher)
- Qt5 Core
......@@ -24,3 +26,33 @@ In the project root dir:
Then simply run ./ring-client-gnome
Building without installing Ring daemon and libRingClient
It is possible to build ring-client-gnome without installing the deamon and
libRingClient on your system (eg: in /usr or /usr/local):
1. build the daemon
2. when building libRingClient, specify the location of the daemon lib in the
cmake options with -DRING_BUILD_DIR=, eg:
3. to get the proper headers, we still need to 'make install' libRingClient, but
we don't have to install it in /usr, so just specify another location for the
install prefix in the cmake options, eg:
4. now compile libRingClient and do 'make install', everything will be installed
in the dir specified by the prefix
4. now we just have to give the same install prefix to the cmake options of the
client and it will find libRingClient:
For now, the build type of the client is "Debug" by default, however it is
useful to also have the debug symbols of libRingClient. To do this, specify this
when compiling libRingClient with '-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug' in the cmake
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