1. 08 Sep, 2016 2 commits
    • atraczyk's avatar
      UI/accounts: adds a loading screen during account loading · 1ddcb5a6
      atraczyk authored
      - adds faded loading pages with a spinner animation
      - starts and stops the load page during account creation and loading
      - resizes the loading graphics when window is resized
      - adds an event handler for DPI and scale factor changes
      - removes stretching from welcome page image
      - clears account creation alias box after account creation clicked
      Change-Id: I5046e0bc820e91c8b2f91ca223534d93ddf916f1
      Tuleap: #1010
    • atraczyk's avatar
      UI: rearrange grid to fit debug panel properly · c52e6edd
      atraczyk authored
      - rearranges the xaml to place the hamburger button inside the
      splitview's pane above the smartpanel, allowing for the debug to
      roll out on top
      Change-Id: Ib61840d899e1ab22a397439b3a81ef494569370a
      Tuleap: #1005
  2. 06 Sep, 2016 5 commits
  3. 02 Sep, 2016 2 commits
    • Nicolas Jager's avatar
      call : shows incoming call status. · d76940f7
      Nicolas Jager authored
      - status shown below the contact name inside the smartpanel.
      Change-Id: Iffc3114606ec07ae8fea8521d109a5c639bc226c
      Tuleap: #993
    • atraczyk's avatar
      profile: allow user to use an avatar when creating first account · 2425ddd0
      atraczyk authored and Andreas Traczyk's avatar Andreas Traczyk committed
      - adds camera capture UI to wizard.
      - stores avatar image to disk and logs a reference in the user's preferences.
      - loads avatar from disk when loading preferences at application start.
      - removes avatar icons from account list.
      - removes camera capture UI from add accounts widget
      Change-Id: Id3467a7214c2f52ec70690df360ce9e3a0cb2df2
      Tuleap: #989
  4. 01 Sep, 2016 7 commits
  5. 31 Aug, 2016 5 commits
    • atraczyk's avatar
      contacts/conversations: adds saving conversation to json · f5be5463
      atraczyk authored
      - adds saving contact specific conversation to a json file
      - loads the json file into the conversation object when loading
        the contacts list
      - generates a UID for the contact to avoid name collisions, which
        is stored in the contact data file
      Change-Id: I8a7b757d09b270e65c4d264805934faf8466c09f
      Tuleap: #980
    • Nicolas Jager's avatar
      contact : trim contact white space · 2647eaaf
      Nicolas Jager authored
      - removes the white spaces from the begin and the end of contacts
      during their add.
      Change-Id: I6d01d84cdd68c6b044da8b16c6ee89fbf9e721e8
      Tuleap: #979
    • Nicolas Jager's avatar
      text message : send message · 655df54f
      Nicolas Jager authored
      - send the message to the contact during a conversation.
      - add the message to the conversation.
      Change-Id: Ia93d48feed1fa712f5757df8013fad90bd5853e8
    • atraczyk's avatar
      debug: adds endline to OutputDebugString · 849221de
      atraczyk authored and Andreas Traczyk's avatar Andreas Traczyk committed
      - adds endline to OutputDebugString that prints output visible in
        the Visual studio console
      Change-Id: Ieeef71decce30665defe4b2595a66d582ad8aefa
      Tuleap: #977
    • atraczyk's avatar
      accounts: adds an account ID property to the Account class · 797fa1ae
      atraczyk authored and Andreas Traczyk's avatar Andreas Traczyk committed
      - adds account id property to the Account class
      - adds reference to account ID in AccountsViewModel
      - adds loading of account ID in RingD::reloadAccountList
      Change-Id: I757443fb08e3f48f1e39f2b21785384d6f41d8b6
      Tuleap: #976
  6. 30 Aug, 2016 6 commits
  7. 26 Aug, 2016 8 commits
  8. 25 Aug, 2016 2 commits
  9. 24 Aug, 2016 3 commits