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i18n: automatic bump

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......@@ -1533,12 +1533,12 @@ instead of using your ID.</source>
<location filename="../videooverlay.ui" line="419"/>
<source>Call on Hold</source>
<translation>تماس در انتظار</translation>
<translation>تماس نگهداشته</translation>
<location filename="../videooverlay.ui" line="89"/>
<source>Hold / Unhold</source>
<translation>در انتظار / ازسر گیری</translation>
<translation>نگهداشتن / رها کردن</translation>
<location filename="../videooverlay.ui" line="124"/>
......@@ -349,7 +349,7 @@ Jami is a secured and distributed communication software.</source>
<location filename="../callwidget.ui" line="653"/>
<source>Jami is free software for universal communication which respects the freedoms and privacy of its users.</source>
<translation type="unfinished"/>
<translation>Jami je slobodni software za univerzalnu komunikaciju koji poštuje slobode i privatnost svojih korisnika.</translation>
<location filename="../callwidget.ui" line="693"/>
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