1. 14 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      i18n: updating translations · 4194158d
      Edric Milaret authored
      Also remove some strings that should not be translated or
      that were not displayed
      Change-Id: Ia973e6ea06f349b1b3db20b4664d29c7510c4bbe
  2. 06 Oct, 2016 2 commits
  3. 02 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      allow to disable notifications · 568a0e51
      Edric Milaret authored
      also listen to messageClicked signal to
      bring the ui up when notifications are clicked
      Change-Id: I6c151605d895604b9da6cfa42b9d91517d42764d
      Tuleap: #926
  4. 23 Jun, 2016 1 commit
  5. 26 May, 2016 3 commits
  6. 19 May, 2016 3 commits
    • Edric's avatar
      make add to contact moveable · d1c35b4d
      Edric authored
      Change-Id: Icfc75740ec633137a22abb35ad477a8e98ec07c2
      Tuleap: #713
    • Edric's avatar
      select ring id text on double click · f05ef071
      Edric authored
      This add a visual feedback to show the ring id has been
      copied to the clipboard
      Change-Id: I83ea11e8b524d83d3b2183c1a5b62bac4401c7fe
      Tuleap: #715
    • Edric's avatar
      show outgoing call photo · 1bed3f95
      Edric authored
      Change-Id: If2f4b3adcb62d03ed9e1285a7544ab404f6e1ec7
      Tuleap: #714
  7. 16 May, 2016 3 commits
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      Rewrite instant messaging screen · 70ae878f
      Edric Milaret authored
      - HyperLink activated - YAY
      - No more bubble size problem
      - Username and date are now in an italic footer
      - Username and date display are now saved in user preferences
      - Remove sender avatar from right message as it's kind of
      * Need LRC patch connecting message engine stuff : 4059 *
      Change-Id: Id1adb1e96d99eb02a2c1e85a066dbbdc3e87cdc0
      Tuleap: #601
      Tuleap: #290
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      code cleanup · 74474f5b
      Edric Milaret authored
      Using clang static analyser and cppcheck
      Change-Id: Iff54cab58fb8d05a55f9fe32edffc3af8bcee7bd
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      fix settings crash on first launch · f8048cfd
      Edric Milaret authored
      also hide the account details panel when no account
      Change-Id: I44907fe97860c2c5ea82f19d23f10efb9736d0dd
      Tuleap: #690
  8. 10 May, 2016 1 commit
  9. 06 May, 2016 4 commits
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      fix start pos possible bug · 06c531a2
      Edric Milaret authored
      If you find a way to move the client windows out of screen
      it will each time come back to that wrong position at start
      This is a corner cases as Windows does not allow that (still
      a weird bug allowed us to see it could happen)
      Change-Id: I5d43943ec94617c7f496b5221518c30a99969aa1
      Tuleap: #658
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      fix for profile picture · 28a86b7c
      Edric Milaret authored
      We do not have the right to write in install dir so
      save the profile picture in temp dir as we only need it
      Change-Id: Idb9dc0d2aef1e72f75c80f3a97bbf84bade28ac2
      Tuleap: #657
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      i18n: update translations · 5fa0392a
      Edric Milaret authored
      Change-Id: I5aeb0d8495f4049db17aa8da29b17d6116c825c6
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      add python script to update translations · 45e26d2a
      Edric Milaret authored
      Change-Id: I47bd1384f2742af24c52a83ec3de2a53e559492c
  10. 02 May, 2016 1 commit
  11. 28 Apr, 2016 1 commit
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      add profile feature · 25236d94
      Edric Milaret authored
      - Allow the user to choose a photo or take one
      - Allow the user to modify profile in settings
      - Link with LRC model to send profile to peer
      Change-Id: I04054f98fbd756c0d08f0b69a4e7020d56bdccab
      Tuleap: #531
  12. 26 Apr, 2016 3 commits
  13. 25 Apr, 2016 1 commit
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      fix x64 install dir · 06d5157d
      Edric Milaret authored
      x64 binary weren't installed in the correct directory
      *WARNING* We need to provide a new argument to makensis
      so a packaging patch is necessary
      Change-Id: Iee6622ec336f8533ba8b9dd6840f346c2bfe4b6f
      Tuleap: #600
  14. 18 Apr, 2016 1 commit
  15. 11 Apr, 2016 3 commits
  16. 04 Apr, 2016 2 commits
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      fix qrcode · 6d0e5311
      Edric Milaret authored
      - Bigger qrcode
      - Let the library choose qr version
      - Lower the error correction level
      - Keep the aspect ratio
      Change-Id: I79bd49d2011b47f45f006741290feac199728749
      Tuleap: #499
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      fix for ip2ip configuration · ec4ed2d8
      Edric Milaret authored
      - The ip2ip account is not created automatically anymore
      Change-Id: Icb6073da877c018d8a2659090639da17344a8500
      Tuleap: #448
  17. 01 Apr, 2016 1 commit
  18. 28 Mar, 2016 3 commits
  19. 23 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • Nicolas Jager's avatar
      fix/change buttons summoning file/folder chooser dialog · 584a80ea
      Nicolas Jager authored
      - changes the generic QPushButtons used to open a file/folder chooser dialog
      for a new kind called RingButton.
      - icons are always at the right most position of the button.
      - removes some cssblob in stylesheet.
      Change-Id: Ie1c3832f6496e0e7de4bb7d120e7081483ec8785
      Tuleap: #482
  20. 22 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • Nicolas Jager's avatar
      improve callutilsdialog and qualitydialog · 0a9fc60a
      Nicolas Jager authored
      - adds a fancy shape to callutilsdialog/qualitydialog.
      - adds few animation.
      - keeps the overlay rendered while callutilsdialog/qualitydialog is open.
      - adds the file used as mask for the spike.
      Change-Id: I51362f986376d57634c9ded2e548043da7da1384
      Tuleap: #148
  21. 21 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      adapt to LRC API changes · e82782e3
      Edric Milaret authored and Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez committed
      CodecModel used to be in the Audio namespace, this was
      changed last year, but the install guidelines were accidentally
      not updated. This commit fix that.
      This is related to gerrit change #3889.
      Change-Id: I3a2ed126d2993d97400b06d26e6c64f39a359f67
      Tuleap: #350
  22. 17 Mar, 2016 2 commits
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      im: fix instant messaging in conference · a86e3f54
      Edric Milaret authored
      - The signal was still hooked to the initial call and not
      the conference one hence the displaying of the wrong model.
      - The daemon was actually saving us from not being able to send
      message to all as it was sending to all participant when detecting
      the call was in a conference
      Change-Id: I7b49071f1b5cb1aef133b94f705559ea4ea05557
      Tuleap: #296
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      asan: fix some leak · 508f99ab
      Edric Milaret authored
      Change-Id: I4163519ad9f058704f3a3e0c03c3becf5db1345a
      Tuleap: #414