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    media_recorder: deprecate path generation · 1c057a3a
    Hugo Lefeuvre authored
    Recorded conversations should be stored at a location specified by
    the client.
    Currently the MediaRecorder generates a filename using timestamps,
    and the directory is either specified by the user in the config.yml
    or defaulted to the user's /home. This is not a wanted behavior.
    This commit introduces the necessary logic to set recording file path
    using setPath and deprecates the old way of specifying filename and
    The changes are backward compatible for transition purposes.
    In addition to this refactoring, this commit renames the getFilename()
    method to getPath(). In fact this method returns "full paths" and not
    filenames, so it doesn't make much sense to call it getFilename().
    Change-Id: I8eb9756dd1bf2a18fb0c97eec8b9bb72c259a7e5
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