Commit 31667804 authored by Adrien Béraud's avatar Adrien Béraud
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process the data just recorded

parent 9fb15b5b
......@@ -598,21 +598,22 @@ OpenSLLayer::capture(SLAndroidSimpleBufferQueueItf queue)
assert(nullptr != queue);
AudioBuffer &buffer = getNextRecordBuffer();
AudioBuffer &old_buffer = getNextRecordBuffer();
AudioBuffer &buffer = getNextRecordBuffer();
SLresult result;
// enqueue an empty buffer to be filled by the recorder
// (for streaming recording, we enqueue at least 2 empty buffers to start things off)
//result = (*recorderBufferQueue_)->Enqueue(recorderBufferQueue_, buffer.getData()[0].data(), buffer.getData()[0].size());
result = (*recorderBufferQueue_)->Enqueue(recorderBufferQueue_, buffer.getChannel(0)->data(), buffer.frames()*sizeof(SFLAudioSample));
// the most likely other result is SL_RESULT_BUFFER_INSUFFICIENT,
// which for this code example would indicate a programming error
assert(SL_RESULT_SUCCESS == result);
opensl_infile.write((char const *)(buffer.getChannel(0)->data()), buffer.frames()*sizeof(SFLAudioSample));
......@@ -625,7 +626,6 @@ OpenSLLayer::audioCaptureCallback(SLAndroidSimpleBufferQueueItf queue, void *con
OpenSLLayer::updatePreference(AudioPreference &preference, int index, PCMType type)
......@@ -734,13 +734,10 @@ bool OpenSLLayer::audioPlaybackFillWithToneOrRingtone(AudioBuffer &buffer)
// In case of a dtmf, the pointers will be set to nullptr once the dtmf length is
// reached. For this reason we need to fill audio buffer with zeros if pointer is nullptr
if (tone) {
DEBUG("audioPlaybackFillWithToneOrRingtone tone\n");
tone->getNext(buffer, playbackGain_);
} else if (file_tone) {
DEBUG("audioPlaybackFillWithToneOrRingtone file_tone\n");
file_tone->getNext(buffer, playbackGain_);
} else {
DEBUG("audioPlaybackFillWithToneOrRingtone reset\n");
......@@ -257,8 +257,8 @@ class OpenSLLayer : public AudioLayer {
SLAndroidSimpleBufferQueueItf playbackBufferQueue_;
SLAndroidSimpleBufferQueueItf recorderBufferQueue_;
std::atomic<int> playbackBufferIndex_;
std::atomic<int> recordBufferIndex_;
int playbackBufferIndex_;
int recordBufferIndex_;
AudioBufferStack playbackBufferStack_;
AudioBufferStack recordBufferStack_;
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