Commit 51323333 authored by Emmanuel Milou's avatar Emmanuel Milou
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Create and delete codecs lib dir if it doesn't exist

parent 17a0ada3
......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ install-exec-local: install-libcodec_ulaw_so install-libcodec_alaw_so install-li
uninstall-local: uninstall-libcodec_ulaw_so uninstall-libcodec_alaw_so uninstall-libcodec_gsm_so
mkdir -p $(sflcodecdir)
$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) $(sflcodecdir)
$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) $(sflcodecdir)
......@@ -56,3 +57,4 @@ uninstall-libcodec_alaw_so:
rm -f $(sflcodecdir)/
rm -f $(sflcodecdir)/
rm -rf $(sflcodecdir)
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