Commit 95668855 authored by Adrien Béraud's avatar Adrien Béraud
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manager: log OpenDHT version

Change-Id: I7db90291dcf6eb83cd4a5d603f458007e0bfaf26
parent 4b6b59a1
......@@ -721,11 +721,11 @@ Manager::init(const std::string &config_file)
#undef PJSIP_TRY
JAMI_DBG("pjsip version %s for %s initialized",
pj_get_version(), PJ_OS_NAME);
JAMI_DBG("GNU TLS version %s initialized", gnutls_check_version(nullptr));
JAMI_DBG("Using PJSIP version %s for %s", pj_get_version(), PJ_OS_NAME);
JAMI_DBG("Using GnuTLS version %s", gnutls_check_version(nullptr));
JAMI_DBG("Using OpenDHT version %s", dht::version());
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