Commit 9d9a6b3d authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin Committed by Adrien Béraud
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sipcall: avoid use after free

inv is deleted by pjsip if we enter in onFailure()

Change-Id: Ibe467b6a6f7644a5873aabdf7a59072584743cf1
parent 56dff8a2
...@@ -835,6 +835,9 @@ invite_session_state_changed_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pjsip_event *ev) ...@@ -835,6 +835,9 @@ invite_session_state_changed_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pjsip_event *ev)
call->onFailure(inv->cause); call->onFailure(inv->cause);
break; break;
} }
// Reset the invite here as it must not be used on
// a non existing link and removeCall can take time to be called
break; break;
default: default:
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