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Merge branch 'emilou_release' of git+ssh:// into release

parents a98b6ce1 db3d07ab
......@@ -21,11 +21,11 @@ msgstr ""
#: src/audio/audiolayer.cpp: 318
msgid "Error while opening capture device "
msgstr ""
msgstr "Error abriendo el dispositivo de captura "
#: src/audio/audiolayer.cpp: 349
msgid "Error while opening playback device "
msgstr ""
msgstr "Error abriendo el dispositivo del aparato de lectura "
#: sflphone-gtk/src/menus.c: 119
msgid "About SFLphone"
......@@ -258,36 +258,36 @@ msgstr "%d nuevo mensaje"
#: sflphone-gtk/src/actions.c: 162
msgid "Unable to connect to the SFLphone server.\n"
" Make sure the daemon is running."
msgstr ""
" "
msgstr "Incapaz e conectar con el servidor SFLphone.\n"
" Checa que el demonio está funcionando."
#: sflphone-gtk/src/actions.c: 544
msgid "The account selected as default is not registered."
msgstr ""
msgstr "La cuenta seleccionada como defecto no es registrada."
#: sflphone-gtk/src/actions.c: 557
msgid "There is no registered account to make this call with."
msgstr ""
msgstr "No hay cuenta registrada para hacer esta llamada"
#: sflphone-gtk/src/actions.c: 591
msgid "<b>ALSA notification</b>\n\n"
"Error while opening playback device"
msgstr ""
msgstr "<b>Notificación ALSA</b>\n\n"
"Error abriendo el dispositivo del aparato de lectura"
#: sflphone-gtk/src/actions.c: 594
msgid "<b>ALSA notification</b>\n\n"
"Error while opening capture device"
msgstr ""
msgstr "<b>Notificación ALSA</b>\n\n"
"Error abriendo el dispositivo de captura"
#: sflphone-gtk/src/actions.c: 632
#r sflphone-gtk/src/actions.c: 632
msgid "<b>Error: No audio codecs found.\n\n</b>"
" SFL audio codecs have to be placed in <i>%s</i>"
" or in the <b>.sflphone</b> directory in your home( <i>%s</i> )"
msgstr ""
" "
" "
msgstr "<b>Error: No codec audio encontrado.\n\n</b>"
" Los codecs audio de SFLphone deben estar en <i>%s</i>"
" o en el directorio <b>.sflphone</b> de su home( <i>%s</i> )"
#: sflphone-gtk/src/accountlist.c: 148
msgid "Registered"
......@@ -321,4 +321,6 @@ msgstr "Volumen del micrófono"
msgid "<b><big>Welcome to SFLphone!</big></b>\n\n"
"There is no VoIP account configured.\n"
" Would you like to create one now?"
msgstr ""
msgstr "<b><big>Bienvenido en SFLphone!</big></b>\n\n"
"No hay cuenta VoIP configurada.\n"
" Usted quiere crear una ?"
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