Commit cbc813d4 authored by Emmanuel Lepage Vallee's avatar Emmanuel Lepage Vallee
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* #29696: presence: replace status string by a boolean

parent 8b39c526
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@
The registered URI
<arg type="s" name="status">
<arg type="b" name="status">
Is the URI present or not
......@@ -139,9 +139,9 @@ void SIPPresence::reportPresSubClientNotification(const std::string& uri, pjsip_
/* Update our info. See pjsua_buddy_get_info() for additionnal ideas*/
const std::string basic(status->info[0].basic_open ? "open" : "closed");
const std::string note(status->info[0].rpid.note.ptr,status->info[0].rpid.note.slen);
DEBUG(" Received status of PresSubClient %s: status=%s note=%s",uri.c_str(),basic.c_str(),note.c_str());
DEBUG(" Received status of PresSubClient %s: status=%s note=%s",uri.c_str(),(status->info[0].basic_open?"open":"closed"),note.c_str());
/* report status to client signal */
Manager::instance().getClient()->getPresenceManager()->newPresSubClientNotification(uri, basic, note);
Manager::instance().getClient()->getPresenceManager()->newPresSubClientNotification(uri, status->info[0].basic_open, note);
void SIPPresence::subscribePresSubClient(const std::string& uri, const bool& flag){
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