Commit dd96fce5 authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews
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alsa: cleanup

parent 4474ad58
......@@ -776,9 +776,6 @@ void AlsaLayer::playback(int maxSamples)
const size_t outSamples = samplesToGet * resampleFactor;
const size_t outBytes = outSamples * sizeof(SFLAudioSample);
AudioBuffer rsmpl_out(outSamples, 1, sampleRate_);
//std::vector<SFLAudioSample> rsmpl_out(outSamples);
//SFLAudioSample * const rsmpl_out_ptr = &(*rsmpl_out.begin());
//converter_.resample(out_ptr, rsmpl_out_ptr, rsmpl_out.size(), mainBufferSampleRate, sampleRate_, samplesToGet);
converter_.resample(out, rsmpl_out);
write(rsmpl_out.getChannel(0)->data(), outBytes, playbackHandle_);
} else {
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