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......@@ -14,6 +14,18 @@
* Refactoring samplerate conversion, -DDATAFORMAT_IS_FLOAT allow the user to use float instead of int
2006-08-25 Yan Morin
* Add support for <esc> key to hangup a call
* Remove handling of Key_Meta and Key_Alt, need to be able to send @ with alt+char or shift
2006-08-23 Yan Morin
* Add AudioDevice, a container to get audiodevice listing
* Add --with-debug to ./configure
2006-08-02 Yan Morin
* Add IAX quelch/unquelch
......@@ -18,11 +18,9 @@ For sflphone-qt:
Save account status if modified in configuration
- sflphoned don't return any result at the second time getcallstatus is called.
- sflphoned don't return a 206 on getcallstatus when one call is ringing.
- unhold should not return an error if it's not holded
- Check if the device as the same name (usb), not only the number
- Combo box for the device
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