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Add Features, plus asciidoc.conf for HTML rendering.

We will need to automate the rewriting of URLS for IMAGEs in the program,
and cache everything, including images. Also, the update of asciidoc.conf
on the website, before compilation.
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// [done], [not done], [not tested], etc.. are defined in asciidoc.conf
SFLphone feature map
* SIP features
- transfer: [done] and tested
- reinvite: [done] and tested
- play DTMF sipinfo: [done] and tested
- receive text message: [done] and tested with sipsak
- SFLphone to snom (asterisk): [done] and tested
- SFLphone to SFLphone (IP and no proxy): [done] and tested
- conference: [not done] yet
- send text message: [not done] yet
* IAX support: [not done] yet
* Audio devices:
- OSS: [done] and tested (portaudio)
- ALSA: [done] and tested (portaudio)
- ALSA with dmix: [not tested]
- JACK: [partial], portaudio has problems to open it
- ASIO on windows: in portaudio, [not tested]
- on MacOSX: we can't use portaudio in 8kHz. libsamplerate was added to convert from 44,1kHz to 8kHz.
* Codecs:
- G711a/PCM: [done] and tested
- G711u: [done] and tested
- GSM: [done] and tested
- Speex codec 8khz: [not tested] but integrated
- ILBc: [notdone]
* Video support:
- video integration in SIP: [not done]
- video integration in IAX: [not done]
- integration in QT: not done
* Zeroconf:
- sflphone-d: partially
- sflphone-qt: not done
* SFLphone Client:
- QT3: done and tested on linux
- QT4: not tested
- GTK: not done
- Command Line Interface (in C): partially done
- Command Line Interface (in python): not done
* MacOSX port:
- compilation: done
- 44,1khz to 8khz conversion (with libsamplerate): not tested
* Windows port:
- compilation of sflphoned: not done
- compilation of sflphone-qt (qt3): not done
- compilation of sflphone-qt (qt4): not done
* Desktop Integration:
- firefox sip: handling: open sflphone, not integrated in install process
- konqueror sip: handling: open sflphone, not integrated in install process
- addressbook: open sflphone and call, not integrated in install process
- inter-process communication: [not done]
- tray icon: [not done]
- menu icon (.desktop): only in fedora rpm
- LDAP enterprise directory support: [not done]
* Packaging:
- Remove libeXosip2 from package: [not done]
- Remove portaudio final from package: [not done]
- Fedora Core 4 packages: [done]
- Suse 9.3 packages: [done]
- .tar.gz publication: [done]
- Debian packages: [not done]
- Suse 10 packages: [not done]
SFLphone-qt (linux)
* audiodevice input/output selector: [not done]
* drag'n'drop over lcd screen: [done]
* paste with ctrl+v: [done]
* keyboard mapping: [partial], not completed
* keyboard shortcut: [partial], not completed
# Used in Features.txt
\[done\]\s*(.*)$=<span style="color: green">done \1<span>
\[not\s?done\]\s*(.*)$=<span style="color: red">not done \1<span>
\[partial\]\s*(.*)$=<span style="color: orange">partially done \1<span>
\[not\s?tested\]\s*(.*)$=<span style="color: orange">not tested \1<span>
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