1. 06 Feb, 2015 1 commit
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      video: fix uninitialized old-C pointer · 05ae6379
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      WARNING: GCC warns only with -Weffc++ option in a such situation.
      But we don't use it as is also very anoying.
      Refs #65446
      Change-Id: I5ed4adbfa5aad5bc69d50e256035afd84ba601b3
  2. 05 Feb, 2015 1 commit
  3. 04 Feb, 2015 7 commits
  4. 03 Feb, 2015 8 commits
    • Emmanuel Lepage Vallee's avatar
      client: Export account schema · 91704946
      Emmanuel Lepage Vallee authored
      Also rename security.h -> security_const.h
      Refs #65314
      Change-Id: I1349b63b694c337e88c351a5b2d691145c5ff823
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      upnp: prevent deleting of port mapping · 8adf559e
      Stepan Salenikovich authored and Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez committed
      Prevent DHT port mapping from being deleted when
      doUnregister complete after doRegister
      Refs #65266
      Change-Id: I7545e48e4c959478283d3d008b4bd0c54b5df3bf
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      sip: fix SIPVoIPLink destructor · 08cb82bc
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      Reordering implementation of SIPVoIPLink destructor.
      This fix dependencies issues.
      Refs #64903
      Change-Id: I4f96359bd0708f79592bac325150edf7b149f843
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      sip: fix SipIceTransport/SipTransportBroker classes · 0b6192b3
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      SipIceTranport was not standard-layout but a reinterpret_cast was called
      on one member to retrive the class.
      This "work" on Linux/gcc implementation but it's an undefined behavior
      and not portable.
      This changes the internal destroy transport callback:
      now PJSIP is the unique owner of the SipIceTransport instance and
      should call the destroy callback to delete the instance.
      By the way, we remove shutdown and destroy method as not more used.
      Side effect is the re-write of SipTransportBroker on how it handles
      instance of SipIceTransport.
      Refs #64903
      Change-Id: I58848eca55c421de1883e53793fd58b0e1581d59
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      sip: move transport state change C++ trampoline · 4602105d
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      - move tp_state_callback from SipTransportBroker to SIPVoIPLink.
      - install/deinstall it in SIPVoIPLink constructor/destructor.
      It's a endpoint related callback and SIPVoIPLink is the endpoint manager.
      Change-Id: Iea2fdf1a7ce8681bc0cdf732eb6033314cb2cdf9
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      managerimpl: fix finish method · 83e18d59
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      - thread-safe
      - check value during event loop
      Refs #64903
      Change-Id: I84cb83f3a37fb77e5eff7d21e7f18d67fef7f288
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      sip: limit SIPVoIPLink respawn to 1 · aea5c49b
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      Also requires to check getSIPVoIPLink return everywhere.
      Refs #64903
      Change-Id: I8f62a38fd5e26efeb5d64a6a178352b4798dcbfa
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      utils: improve getGlobalInstance() · 17846567
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      - thread-safe
      - limit respawn (no limit by default)
      Refs #64903
      Change-Id: Ie9b2465b6d4b064fa82454d389d4269805f0145d
  5. 02 Feb, 2015 1 commit
  6. 01 Feb, 2015 4 commits
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      sip: fix SipTransportBroker transports · 53746f62
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      This patch fixes how the class SipTransportBroker handles
      mapping between our transport classes and the PJSIP transport structure.
      - remove unsafe SipIceTransport "onDestroy" callback that
      call invalidated objects (as the mutex) in some conditions.
      - handle ICE transports in the state-change callback.
      - unmap SipTransport before let our transport instances handle events.
      - shutdown remaining mapped transports at destructor.
      - minor changes in logging and indentation rules.
      Refs #64903
      Change-Id: I975cca4e5cb4e2a5dee623985c956241902a6b92
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      sip: fix SipTransport class · 428ffdb4
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      - use a std::unique_ptr to handle the PJSIP transport (exception-proof).
        Deleter calls pjsip_transport_shutdown() then pjsip_transport_dec_ref().
      - prevent a valid construction with invalid PJSIP transport.
      - use insert than map [] operator to not cause extra memory allocations.
      - minor: postfix private class member with an underscore.
      - minor: using-aliases prefered than typedef.
      - minor: code indentation fixes.
      Refs #64903
      Change-Id: I1e78d119ca7291928d5148344be5c0258ca2c02e
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      sip: remove "add-if-not-found" idiom which not wanted · 2c6b0379
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      This patch changes SipTransportBroker::findTransport() method
      by removing the possibility to map a pjsip transport if not
      found in the mapping.
      This idiom breaks the expected behavior of the method and let unknown
      transports be handled by application.
      Alien transports have not to be handled by us.
      Now an handled transport is shutdown when SipTransport is destroyed,
      and the constructor throw an exception if this transport is given
      again... so impossible to "re-use" a shutdown'ed transport.
      Refs #64903
      Change-Id: Ib06f8f9d567f1bc84bfe4764f4f6c1252f7dc9ec
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      sip: remove unsafe global variable usage in siptransport · 35674a41
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      Refs #64903
      Change-Id: I2756df42b50a149645b722ffd64b5676b6c9953a
  7. 31 Jan, 2015 6 commits
  8. 30 Jan, 2015 4 commits
  9. 28 Jan, 2015 8 commits