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      upnp: download xml doc using std::future · eb7bde60
      Adrien Béraud authored
      The UpnpDownloadXmlDoc is now called using shared_future. The api
      function is a blocking call and there were instances where,
      depending on the router and wifi speeds, the function might fail
      or hang. By using std::shared_future, if such a thing arises, the
      program won't block.
      Change-Id: Ibca8d926e8980ebd4519f0e6bbd6ce2125396159
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      upnp: support libupnp and libnatnatpmp simultaneously · 60515d89
      Eden Abitbol authored
      Update libupnp to version 1.8.4.
      For windows, the IPV6 preprocessor must be undefined. Or else
      libupnp won't initialize. Added visual studio 2017 support
      via one patch for windows that also combines previous windows
      UPnPController: Class that the jami classes use to control the
      opening and closing of ports. Every  service has it's own upnp
      controller. The controller does it's actions by using the upnp
      context class. Also refactored the functions used to add
      mappings. Instead of using two different functions with
      different types of parameters, we now use one function with
      parameters that have default values. The logic stays the same
      but the function call is more clear.
      UPnPContext: Class that holds a (linked) list of discovered IGDs
      and their corresponding protocols (which discovered them).
      Whenever the controller wants to add or remove a mapping, the
      context picks a valid IGD in it's list and uses the correct
      protocol to complete the required action. This class also has
      the ability to swap protocols for an IGD that was discovered
      by more then one protocol.
      UPnPProtocol: Virtual base class that defines the functions
      needed by the context to use the corresponding protocol.
      PUPnP: UPnPProtocol derived class that represents a upnp client
      that uses the portable upnp library (libupnp). Every time the
      client discovers a new IGD it uses a callback to add it to the
      context's main IGD linked list. It also has an internal list of
      IGDs that it discovered. Added features to this class include:
      	- IGD event subscription.
      	- Use UpnpInit2 function instead of deprecated UpnpInit
      	  function. It's also supposed to support IPv6.
      NatPmp: UPnPProtocol derived class that represents a upnp client
      that uses the NAT-PMP library (libnatpmp). Unlike libupnp,
      libnatpmp only supports discovering one IGD. Also uses callbacks
      to add the IGD it finds to the context's main IGD class.
      Also inclided debug warning prints whenever a controller opens
      and closes the ports. That way we can keep track of whenever
      the application opens and closes ports on the internet
      gateway device.
      Gitlab: #96
      Change-Id: I199271edac2c6d93dc60c24e2e2aefe36de7950c
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      call: send text message on main thread · 3e2c8637
      Adrien Béraud authored
      Change-Id: Ic2d9de6e6af09cabc0838da88afedfa16af174d1