1. 17 Sep, 2013 1 commit
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      #29579: video mixing implementation and conference fixes. · 475b8e52
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      - mixer rendering implemention
      => frame based (was per sources batch based)
      - add backward signaling to Observer/Obsevable classes
      => This help mixer to index sources for layout them.
      - mutex'ed frame publish (VideoGenerator).
      - sinks creation are now done at right places.
      => one per mixer (new), one per camera, one per stream reception.
      - VideoRTPSession is fully responsible to handle video pipeline,
      between RX/TS streams.
      => exhibit enterConference/exitConference to be aknowledged by upper layers.
      - VideoSendThread is not longer a «thread», renamed as VideoSender.
      - videoMixer_ is now a shared ptr in Conference objects.
      => getVideoMixer() return a rew shared_ptr also.
      - Conference is now responsible to trig video conference pipeline
      - std::this_thread::sleep_for() is not usable before GCC 4.1
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      * #14077: video: send and receive RTP on one socket · d13a09c2
      Tristan Matthews authored
      Thanks to the new custom_io flag in libavformat's SDP demuxer, we can manage
      our own UDP transports for RTP and RTCP. This allows us to comply with
      RFC 4961.
      If an older version of libavformat is detected, we fallback to sending and
      receiving on different sockets.