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    packaging: debian: Do not alter the source tarball. · 9d5387f0
    Maxim Cournoyer authored
    AFAICT, this was made to clear some supposedly non-redistributable
    files in the sources according to Debian policy.  If there's some
    cleanup to do, we should do so at the level of the common source
    tarball, not in a Debian-specific way.
    * packaging/rules/debian/rules (override_dh_auto_configure): Remove
    code repacking tarballs.
    (override_dh_clean, get-orig-source): Remove.
    * packaging/rules/debian/copyright (Files-Excluded): Remove.  Also
    streamline the listing of copyrights to the files part of our tree,
    not in bundled libraries.  Debian-specific requirements can stay in
    the Debian-maintained corresponding packages.
    * scripts/build-package-debian.sh: Streamline, making the release
    tarball the sole input of the process.  Do not build source packages,
    for simplicity (dpkg-source doesn't like our source tarball as-is).
    Change-Id: I78a482ab3362e9bba8ffdc0ab60324f94715bfb8