Commit 85cdaae8 authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins
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Jami: bump beta branch

parent 030db788
client-qt @ c57f32ef
Subproject commit 83f68573324a453a6d26e025fd6439f175a79d1b
Subproject commit c57f32efd23595d87d5dfa5f1c1cc5bdab5b0a0e
daemon @ dca2eaaa
Subproject commit 02c5cecd363a1ee25a914d72e243d7903e44969b
Subproject commit dca2eaaa4bb672e3e7c2f69ad02c88c0af15c9a2
lrc @ b0409a8e
Subproject commit 48db64cbcd3a8d7a12cad940694ce9239b8db576
Subproject commit b0409a8ec4a8c8a78cf4035b996c5e7e5e1983c3
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