Commit ac64b4c8 authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins Committed by Grégory Starck
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automatic submodules update

parent 16875fcb
client-android @ 86759bbc
Subproject commit 36beae3a44f5e190a94f19f598107f4f392d5119
Subproject commit 86759bbc5aa3e089c6b3d24d0a937ff2f43385ba
client-gnome @ e9933249
Subproject commit 3e2851a223ca5d1310c29a42a31618c00dc11b40
Subproject commit e9933249d65cbddfa90428be1be61921277fb744
daemon @ 1a0e4c0e
Subproject commit ac44cbaa036cc2f0ec641e615e8850b1aa7b8ffb
Subproject commit 1a0e4c0e6f77ee4bb3763fb8b2afd6b3bed54d94
lrc @ a3f86438
Subproject commit f9cd6bf96187389504c4d8b1920c27a6902d8612
Subproject commit a3f86438ddfac9c5a8973e26a6acba26c85b1847
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