Commit e4c8ed35 authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins Committed by Grégory Starck
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automatic submodules update

parent a52a8184
client-android @ 3b9c4fdb
Subproject commit 6334ba9d0c06e29dd6955da81a6f045b89164b17
Subproject commit 3b9c4fdbbb38019c8e0168849fff161d36eec739
client-gnome @ ae92efd6
Subproject commit 02b283d7ddac093d7a729d5602815587135a23e8
Subproject commit ae92efd611e029f13a76e1c6e75844c7138075fb
daemon @ ad8076ff
Subproject commit 053ab26ffcb0dff68a96bf12aa7b912c6266cafa
Subproject commit ad8076ff67d84c4b6e5989c08ab4d3081642a89a
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