Commit ed7a3ecb authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins
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Jami: bump beta branch

parent fd53ec1a
client-qt @ 7f0bc2ea
Subproject commit 1f91576a0bf33c9d632595cf433d547d1f1d1e06 Subproject commit 7f0bc2eaf0f7ec2dd48d44c032fad04e096d49d9
daemon @ 5c2008a2
Subproject commit 36c6d857289199c6ace3d6e1f6995e25cdcb4b8d Subproject commit 5c2008a2b7cb42f77cb7c6203aebcd21ab1bfef9
lrc @ cec166db
Subproject commit 82f8718fd21a7d310ac170f69a7683db74ca9f64 Subproject commit cec166dbfb8bd5da4da788d98ac877ca89aee696
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