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      Call Ring ID accepted as command line argument · 167bbb6d
      Victor Nikulshin authored
      Allows gnome-ring to accept as the first command-line argument and
      automatically call a target RingID in the form of 'ring' URI scheme:
      It is possible to use filename and URI parsing capabilities of
      GTK applications to extract RingID from command-line argument
      if it is provided.
      This patch implements the 'open' hook of the GTK-application,
      as recommended by GTK documentation, to correctly communicate data
      between multiple running instance of the application. By doing this,
      the following behavior is achieved:
      1. If gnome-ring is not yet running and it is invoked with
      a command-line argument, a new application instance will be initialized
      and will start a new call at once.
      2. If gnome-ring is already running, the 'open' event with the RingID
      will be dispatched to the primary application instance and make it start
      a new call.
      = Testing the patch
      Apply the patch, recompile gnome-ring and execute it
      with the command-line argument in the Ring URI-scheme format:
      gnome-ring 'ring:0000000000000000000000000000000000000000'
      = Expected behaviour
      The main application window will appear and automatically start
      a call to the destination RingID.
      [GR: fix ci msg line lenght (limit to 72)]
      [GR: fix naked raw ptr and build warnings]
      Change-Id: I109f118fb4765e764dc399486091e456ef19117e
      Tuleap: #1539
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      desktop entry: Added keywords · 0196b0ef
      aviau authored
      This fixes the desktop-entry-lacks-keywords-entry lintian warning.
      Change-Id: Id896d81543589fc88c654ac86a7ead159b9e6847
      Tuleap: #350
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