Commit 2349f529 authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin

misc: remove useless code

Change-Id: Ie2e6091d39560855efdc5b3dd5b3ba990d7fc55b
parent 37da856e
......@@ -2323,17 +2323,9 @@ CppImpl::slotFilterChanged()
[current_item](const lrc::api::conversation::Info& conversation) {
return current_item.uid == conversation.uid;
bool isInConv = conversation == conversations.end();
if (IS_CHAT_VIEW(old_view)) {
if (isInConv) {
} else {
/* Refresh chat view. In some cases (like when a contact is unbanned)
a changing filter also implies the need of redrawing the chat */
changeView(CHAT_VIEW_TYPE, *conversation);
if (conversation == conversations.end())
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