1. 08 Nov, 2016 2 commits
    • Nicolas Jager's avatar
      video : add video debug output to video.log · df0a067a
      Nicolas Jager authored
      Change-Id: I266b8519aceba214803789a6b1f23876a974a1f8
      Tuleap: #1226
    • atraczyk's avatar
      solution: decouple dependency projects into a utility project · 47293161
      atraczyk authored
      - adds a dependency utility project, which builds all the dependency
        projects, the utility project can then be a daemon project dependency
        and easily decoupled when only working in the daemon
      - sets the video capture frame copying routine to reference the active
        device object's video properties instead of querying the media capture
      Change-Id: I11632d154dbd083550397089ff9fe88a910c616f
      Tuleap: #1228
  2. 07 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      video: add video · 14ba30c4
      atraczyk authored
      - adds incoming video
      - adds webcam preview
      - adds device enumeration
      - adds daemon video signal handlers
      - adds outgoing video
      Tuleap: #1200
      Change-Id: Ife5f6acc2ee400665e096e44e2111e03cab0299a