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    use new lrc system for account selection + ui fixes · 2d99df02
    Anthony Léonard authored
    Recent changes in LRC introduced a selection system to choose a
    current active account in AccountModel. It was decided to prefer the
    selectionModel of the AvailableAccountModel as it filters out accounts
    not enabled.
    Moreover, the selected account is now the one used when looking for a
    new contact. The default scheme used depends on the account type and
    the account linked to the contact method is now the selected one.
    Finally, the CurrentAccountWidget now better reflects changes of
    profile's picture and selected account when this one is changed by an
    external event (like a call on an enabled, but not selected, account).
    Change-Id: I5ad50a6f6b9d28e03ab031ffecfb0018965475f9
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