Commit d441e81c authored by Andreas Traczyk's avatar Andreas Traczyk

messagesview: fix empty avatar being used for outgoing

Change-Id: Ief3469b869a98745d82039576ad21fe1561f2793
parent 0ef04d6d
......@@ -868,6 +868,9 @@ CallWidget::setConversationProfileData(const lrc::api::conversation::Info& convI
auto convModel = LRCInstance::getCurrentConversationModel();
auto accInfo = &LRCInstance::getCurrentAccountInfo();
auto contactUri = convInfo.participants.front();
if (contactUri.empty()) {
try {
auto& contact = accInfo->contactModel->getContact(contactUri);
auto bestName = Utils::bestNameForConversation(convInfo, *convModel);
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