Commit d5424fdf authored by Andreas Traczyk's avatar Andreas Traczyk

webview: remove warnings

Change-Id: I1885e6e3fe926bb52adb8486bfa94a3a64a751fa
parent f9465493
......@@ -221,8 +221,10 @@ MessageWebView::setSenderImage(const std::string& sender,
MessageWebView::setInvitation(bool show, const std::string& contactUri, const std::string& contactId)
QString s = QString::fromLatin1(show ? "showInvitation(\"%1\", \"%2\")" : "showInvitation()")
QString s = show ? QString::fromLatin1("showInvitation(\"%1\", \"%2\")")
.arg(QString(contactId.c_str())) : QString::fromLatin1("showInvitation()");
page()->runJavaScript(s, QWebEngineScript::MainWorld);
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