Commit ff4946b9 authored by Edric Milaret's avatar Edric Milaret

packaging: fix new dependency missing

Issue: #79705
Change-Id: I0edef15a6c3fd36f48ed5babee420fdf062f387f
parent 4ba5c829
......@@ -166,7 +166,8 @@ win32 {
$$RUNTIMEDIR/libharfbuzz-0.dll \
$$RUNTIMEDIR/libintl-8.dll $$RUNTIMEDIR/libpcre-1.dll \
$$RUNTIMEDIR/libpcre16-0.dll $$RUNTIMEDIR/libpng16-16.dll \
$$RUNTIMEDIR/libjpeg-8.dll $$RUNTIMEDIR/libiconv-2.dll
$$RUNTIMEDIR/libjpeg-8.dll $$RUNTIMEDIR/libiconv-2.dll \
QTDEPSRUNTIME.path = $$OUT_PWD/release
QTPLATFORMS.files = $$(QTDIR)/plugins/platforms/qwindows.dll
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