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    video: add vdpau acceleration support · 45faaa25
    Philippe Gorley authored
    Adds the VDPAU acceleration for GNU/Linux systems and
    enable it by devault. Can be disabled using ./configure --disable-vdpau
    Support for H.264, H.263 and MPEG4, as long as the hardware supports
    Requires libvdpau and ffmpeg 3.3 (contrib bump included by this patch)
    [guillaume roguez: re-word ci msg to be more explicit]
    Change-Id: I7479f4d7e3d51caf702be8c85284a4fca01605b3
    Reviewed-by: Guillaume Roguez's avatarGuillaume Roguez <guillaume.roguez@savoirfairelinux.com>
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