Commit 0d09e0c7 authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews

* #14500: SIP: check that pool_prov is not NULL in reinvite

parent b5cbeb4d
...@@ -1378,7 +1378,8 @@ int SIPSessionReinvite(SIPCall *call) ...@@ -1378,7 +1378,8 @@ int SIPSessionReinvite(SIPCall *call)
{ {
pjmedia_sdp_session *local_sdp = call->getLocalSDP()->getLocalSdpSession(); pjmedia_sdp_session *local_sdp = call->getLocalSDP()->getLocalSdpSession();
pjsip_tx_data *tdata; pjsip_tx_data *tdata;
if (local_sdp && pjsip_inv_reinvite(call->inv, NULL, local_sdp, &tdata) == PJ_SUCCESS) if (local_sdp and call->inv and call->inv->pool_prov and
pjsip_inv_reinvite(call->inv, NULL, local_sdp, &tdata) == PJ_SUCCESS)
return pjsip_inv_send_msg(call->inv, tdata); return pjsip_inv_send_msg(call->inv, tdata);
return !PJ_SUCCESS; return !PJ_SUCCESS;
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