Commit 0e2d40d7 authored by Asad Salman's avatar Asad Salman Committed by Adrien Béraud

nodejs: fix build error

Moved 'build/Release/dring.node' from BUILT_SOURCES to CLEANFILES
This fixed the build error where compiler could not find rule to make target

Change-Id: I6a2dd573894c8003489fcac5011229be2b1c7fa3
parent 26a6341b
......@@ -3,7 +3,6 @@ include $(top_srcdir)/
ring_wrapper.cpp \
build/Makefile \
build/Release/dring.node \
ring_wrapper.cpp: nodejs_interface.i configurationmanager.i managerimpl.i
......@@ -16,4 +15,5 @@ build/Release/ build/Makefile ring_wrapper.cpp callback.h
node-gyp build
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