Commit 15c12e62 authored by Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez Committed by gerrit2

contrib: download ffmpeg as archive

Downloading archive is less network bw consuming and almost faster
than cloning the full requested branch.
Reviewed-by: default avatarAlexandre Viau <>
Change-Id: I6f93179a18c13d411a83896afa3e8cc134bbd33f
parent 6143f7ea
FFMPEG_HASH := c40983a6f631d22fede713d535bb9c31d5c9740c
ifdef HAVE_WIN32
PKGS += ffmpeg
......@@ -157,10 +157,10 @@ PKGS_FOUND += ffmpeg
$(call download_git,$(FFMPEG_GITURL),release/2.6, $(FFMPEG_HASH))
$(call download,$(FFMPEG_URL))
.sum-ffmpeg: ffmpeg-$(FFMPEG_HASH).tar.xz
$(warning Not implemented.)
$(warning $@ is not implemented.)
touch $@
ffmpeg: ffmpeg-$(FFMPEG_HASH).tar.xz .sum-ffmpeg
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