Commit 1ba5bbbc authored by Alexandre Savard's avatar Alexandre Savard

#8320: Use two different variables for status and return statement in stun's on_status_cb

parent d310968b
......@@ -377,11 +377,9 @@ void AudioPreference::serialize(Conf::YamlEmitter *emitter)
Conf::ScalarNode noise(noisereduce_);
Conf::ScalarNode echo(echocancel_);
std::stringstream tailstr;
DEBUG("************************************************** serialize echotail %d", echoCancelTailLength_);
tailstr << echoCancelTailLength_;
Conf::ScalarNode echotail(tailstr.str());
std::stringstream delaystr;
DEBUG("************************************************** serialize echodelay %d", echoCancelTailLength_);
delaystr << echoCancelDelay_;
Conf::ScalarNode echodelay(delaystr.str());
......@@ -1233,13 +1233,13 @@ bool SIPVoIPLink::SIPNewIpToIpCall(const std::string& id, const std::string& to)
pj_bool_t stun_sock_on_status_cb(pj_stun_sock *stun_sock UNUSED, pj_stun_sock_op op UNUSED, pj_status_t status)
// What ever is the status, we want the keep-alive timer to be rescheduled
status = PJ_TRUE;
pj_bool_t reschedule = PJ_TRUE;
if(status != PJ_SUCCESS) {
ERROR("Error STUN session failed because %s failed", pj_stun_sock_op_name(op));
return status;
return reschedule;
pj_bool_t stun_sock_on_rx_data_cb(pj_stun_sock *stun_sock UNUSED, void *pkt UNUSED, unsigned pkt_len UNUSED, const pj_sockaddr_t *src_addr UNUSED, unsigned addr_len UNUSED)
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