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update NEWS changelog

Refs #72274

Change-Id: Ice0fdfb3eb6fc247f3d3cd9bc52a019df99197cd
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DRing (2.2.0) / 2015-05-01
* DBus API changes (additions from patches below)
* Contrib: use PJSIP 2.4 and gnutls 3.4 if not provided by system
* Contrib: minimal gnutls is 3.3.0
=> Users of 2.1.1 and below may have to recreate their Ring account
and have a new RingID.
* Implemented CA storage (alpha stage)
* Better Window support
* Security: Implement TLS validator N, CN and O ldap fields
* sipaccount: credentials refactoring
* Media: implement media muting
* sip: add support for TLS1.1, TLS1.2
* sipaccount: fix NAT-overriden sips contact header
* pulseaudio: fix memory corruption
* sipaccount: fix pointer to deinitialised local variable
* daemon: re-register SIP account when credentials change
* gnutls: fix osx
* manager: merge managerimpl code in manager files
* fileutils: add isDirectory
* sipcall: add some call failure reasons
* sipcall: fix state transition
* daemon: clean usage of the AccountsChanged signal
* Various little improvements and deprecated API/code removal.
DRing (2.1.1) / 2015-04-16
* missing NEWS update in 2.1.0
* Account: fix account details changes by using correct signal
DRing (2.1.0) / 2015-04-14
* Contrib: update to latest OpenDHT
* Contrib: fix symbol conflict between uuid and upnp libraries
* Media: SHM video sink implements double-buffering for better IO performances
* Media: reorder AV codec default order (Opus/H264 first)
* Media: PulseAudio backend has echo cancelling by default
* Media: add rationnal number support for framerate
* RingAccount: use a random port at creation or if user force it to 0
* RingAccount: generate identity when saving account
* Account: fix disabled DHT usage to place a call
* API: introduce text messaging per account for non-RT communication
* Platform: introduce windows support
* Build: clang build error fixed
* Repo: removed INSTALL as auto-generated by autotools
DRing (2.0.1) / 2015-03-27 DRing (2.0.1) / 2015-03-27
* Add FPS calculation for streamed files * Add FPS calculation for streamed files
* Set defaults video bitrate to 800 Kb/s * Set defaults video bitrate to 800 Kb/s
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