Commit 63d95bc9 authored by ethan's avatar ethan Committed by Adrien Béraud

fix clear ip cache aborted exception

Change-Id: I1353f5231aacb5ca4cdd2f17da4c31caf08482a6
parent e84f2f08
......@@ -190,6 +190,7 @@ public:
std::string toString(bool include_port=false, bool force_ipv6_brackets=false) const {
if (addr.addr.sa_family == AF_UNSPEC) return {};
std::string str(PJ_INET6_ADDRSTRLEN, (char)0);
if (include_port) force_ipv6_brackets = true;
pj_sockaddr_print(&addr, &(*str.begin()), PJ_INET6_ADDRSTRLEN, (include_port?1:0)|(force_ipv6_brackets?2:0));
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