Commit 6432f74f authored by Éloi Bail's avatar Éloi Bail Committed by Guillaume Roguez

media: add libav default traces to warning

Default trace level is ERROR. In order to investigate
video decoding issues, I change it to WARNING
After stabilisation, we should reset it to ERROR.

Issue: #79686
Change-Id: I2e77e1759e46748ddbef6f6a60c6cba55c4d0a41
parent 84a65f01
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ static void
char* envvar = getenv(AVLOGLEVEL);
signed level = AV_LOG_ERROR;
signed level = AV_LOG_WARNING;
if (envvar != nullptr) {
if (not (std::istringstream(envvar) >> level))
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