Commit 90ca2f04 authored by Adrien Béraud's avatar Adrien Béraud Committed by Guillaume Roguez

call: fix null pointer reference

This patch fixes possible nullptr access to Call::iceTransport_ member.

Refs #64309

Change-Id: Idb93195c57e3fe7a952d4eb3cf864437465f2e91
parent dc8dff86
......@@ -326,13 +326,13 @@ Call::waitForIceNegotiation(unsigned timeout)
Call::isIceUsed() const
return iceTransport_->isInitialized();
return iceTransport_ and iceTransport_->isInitialized();
Call::isIceRunning() const
return iceTransport_->isRunning();
return iceTransport_ and iceTransport_->isRunning();
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