Commit d375ab41 authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews

sipvoiplink: functions need not be static if they are in an anonymous namespace

parent 8d2ccf70
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ static std::map<std::string, std::string> transferCallID;
* localport, localip, localexternalport
* @param call a SIPCall valid pointer
static void setCallMediaLocal(SIPCall* call, const std::string &localIP);
void setCallMediaLocal(SIPCall* call, const std::string &localIP);
* Helper function to parser header from incoming sip messages
......@@ -101,17 +101,17 @@ static pjsip_endpoint *endpt_;
static pjsip_module mod_ua_;
static pj_thread_t *thread;
static void sdp_media_update_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pj_status_t status UNUSED);
static void sdp_request_offer_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, const pjmedia_sdp_session *offer);
static void sdp_create_offer_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pjmedia_sdp_session **p_offer);
static void invite_session_state_changed_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pjsip_event *e);
static void outgoing_request_forked_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pjsip_event *e);
static void transaction_state_changed_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pjsip_transaction *tsx, pjsip_event *e);
static void registration_cb(pjsip_regc_cbparam *param);
static pj_bool_t transaction_request_cb(pjsip_rx_data *rdata);
static pj_bool_t transaction_response_cb(pjsip_rx_data *rdata UNUSED) ;
void sdp_media_update_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pj_status_t status UNUSED);
void sdp_request_offer_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, const pjmedia_sdp_session *offer);
void sdp_create_offer_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pjmedia_sdp_session **p_offer);
void invite_session_state_changed_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pjsip_event *e);
void outgoing_request_forked_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pjsip_event *e);
void transaction_state_changed_cb(pjsip_inv_session *inv, pjsip_transaction *tsx, pjsip_event *e);
void registration_cb(pjsip_regc_cbparam *param);
pj_bool_t transaction_request_cb(pjsip_rx_data *rdata);
pj_bool_t transaction_response_cb(pjsip_rx_data *rdata UNUSED) ;
static void transfer_client_cb(pjsip_evsub *sub, pjsip_event *event);
void transfer_client_cb(pjsip_evsub *sub, pjsip_event *event);
* Send a reINVITE inside an active dialog to modify its state
......@@ -533,8 +533,6 @@ SIPVoIPLink* SIPVoIPLink::instance()
void SIPVoIPLink::init() {}
void SIPVoIPLink::terminate() {}
......@@ -75,11 +75,6 @@ class SIPVoIPLink : public VoIPLink {
virtual void init();
* Shut the library and clean up
virtual void terminate();
* Event listener. Each event send by the call manager is received and handled from here
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