Commit d3dfe479 authored by Alexandre Savard's avatar Alexandre Savard

#5903: Fix call transfer during a conference

parent 79f41c3f
......@@ -702,32 +702,49 @@ bool ManagerImpl::offHoldCall (const CallID& call_id)
bool ManagerImpl::transferCall (const CallID& call_id, const std::string& to)
bool ManagerImpl::transferCall (const CallID& callId, const std::string& to)
bool returnValue = false;;
_info ("Manager: Transfer call %s", call_id.c_str());
_info ("Manager: Transfer call %s", callId.c_str());
CallID currentCallId = getCurrentCallId();
if(participToConference(callId)) {
Conference *conf = getConferenceFromCallID(callId);
if(conf == NULL) {
_error("Manager: Error: Could not find conference from call id");
removeParticipant (callId);
processRemainingParticipant (callId, conf);
else {
if(!isConference(currentCallId)) {
// Direct IP to IP call
if (getConfigFromCall (call_id) == Call::IPtoIP) {
returnValue = SIPVoIPLink::instance (AccountNULL)-> transfer (call_id, to);
if (getConfigFromCall (callId) == Call::IPtoIP) {
returnValue = SIPVoIPLink::instance (AccountNULL)-> transfer (callId, to);
// Classic call, attached to an account
else {
AccountID accountid = getAccountFromCall (call_id);
AccountID accountid = getAccountFromCall (callId);
if (accountid == AccountNULL) {
_warn ("Manager: Call doesn't exists");
return false;
returnValue = getAccountLink (accountid)->transfer (call_id, to);
returnValue = getAccountLink (accountid)->transfer (callId, to);
// remove waiting call in case we make transfer without even answer
removeWaitingCall (call_id);
removeWaitingCall (callId);
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