Commit d9dfb64c authored by Guillaume Roguez's avatar Guillaume Roguez Committed by Emmanuel Lepage Vallée

sipaccount: fix segfault in getSupportedCiphers()

was broken since commit ac3bf29a

Refs #66135

Change-Id: Ic18fefb97c43f26f71b8c59a5d60cda8f3f967a3
parent 6932060a
......@@ -1541,6 +1541,7 @@ SIPAccount::getSupportedCiphers() const
RING_ERR("Could not determine cipher list on this system");
// filter-out 0 ciphers
std::copy_if(avail_ciphers.begin(), avail_ciphers.end(),
[](pj_ssl_cipher& item){ return item > 0; });
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