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    Allow for disabling contrib downloads · 451d6973
    aviau authored
    This adds the support for the DISABLE_CONTRIB_DOWNLOADS environment
    variable. It if it set to TRUE, the contrib system will not download
    tarballs from the internet.
    It can be set from the bootstrap script with the --disable-downloads
    This is useful for distro packaging because distribution developpers
    have to make sure they have full control of what is included in the
    package. In Debian, some tarballs are included such as pjsip but the
    rest should not be downloaded. A small mistake such as a missging build
    dependency could cause a tarball download. This new options will help
    pervent such issues.
    Tuleap: #847
    Change-Id: I5f579774c53def751111f9366750670fcd75d893
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