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    sipaccountbase: add getLastMessages() · 6fc81302
    Sébastien Blin authored
    Because a client can receives messages before a client is ready to
    receive it and because the daemon does not store any message, we
    should have, like calls or file transfers, have a method to get
    these messages.
    So, this patch introduces a new method which gives the ability to
    retrieve messages since the daemon has been launched. To do that,
    when the daemon will receives a new message, it will store this
    message into a queue (limited to 1000 messages) and save the
    related timestamp. When the client is ready it can call getLastMessages
    with its last known timestamp. This method will return all messages
    received after this timestamp.
    Note: the perfect way to do that is to store messages directly in
    the daemon not clients. We also need some synchronization processes.
    Change-Id: Iceb1654088a843f9be5b4a47bcc23201e9b38c01
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