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    ringaccount: register a public address at ICE creation · e4cdde22
    Guillaume Roguez authored
    This patch tries to solve a situation where one peer has
    a TURN server registered but the other peer doesn't have
    any NAT traversal systems.
    To solve that we use a recent OpenDHT API that returns
    a list of public IP discovered during DHT transferts.
    The most seen address is used to register a new relflective
    candidate, coupled to an existing and registered host address.
    It's port is stolen, but as this candidate is added after
    ICE initialization, the candidate is not used for negotiation.
    This is mosly a PJSIP hack as we use an implementation details.
    Issue: #78582
    Change-Id: Ic16527f04b4e07905c405d8681223a02fee16d55
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