Commit 04373b89 authored by Adrien Béraud's avatar Adrien Béraud

sips_transport_ice: wait for longer

Avoid needless wakeups by waiting for 10 s instead of 100 ms.
Thread is always woken up when necessary anyway.

Change-Id: I75078a56c13a649aa81c224a2fa20defd4297b78
parent 1f835edc
...@@ -729,9 +729,9 @@ SipsIceTransport::getTlsSessionMtu() ...@@ -729,9 +729,9 @@ SipsIceTransport::getTlsSessionMtu()
void void
SipsIceTransport::eventLoop() SipsIceTransport::eventLoop()
{ {
while(!stopLoop_) { while (!stopLoop_) {
std::error_code err; std::error_code err;
if (tls_ && tls_->waitForData(std::chrono::milliseconds(100), err)) { if (tls_ && tls_->waitForData(std::chrono::seconds(10), err)) {
std::vector<uint8_t> pkt; std::vector<uint8_t> pkt;
pkt.resize(PJSIP_MAX_PKT_LEN); pkt.resize(PJSIP_MAX_PKT_LEN);
auto read = tls_->read(, PJSIP_MAX_PKT_LEN, err); auto read = tls_->read(, PJSIP_MAX_PKT_LEN, err);
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