Commit 0d0d4ee5 authored by Stepan Salenikovich's avatar Stepan Salenikovich Committed by Guillaume Roguez

daemon: fix crash when setting publishedIP

Refs #62046

Change-Id: I7fc886febd738c9d1b8a4327d14c05b73f32e13c
parent 48a96ace
......@@ -143,10 +143,16 @@ void SIPAccountBase::unserialize(const YAML::Node &node)
int port = DEFAULT_SIP_PORT;
parseValue(node, PORT_KEY, port);
localPort_ = port;
parseValue(node, PUBLISH_ADDR_KEY, publishedIpAddress_);
parseValue(node, SAME_AS_LOCAL_KEY, publishedSameasLocal_);
std::string publishedIpAddress;
parseValue(node, PUBLISH_ADDR_KEY, publishedIpAddress);
IpAddr publishedIp = publishedIpAddress;
if (publishedIp and not publishedSameasLocal_)
parseValue(node, PUBLISH_PORT_KEY, port);
publishedPort_ = port;
parseValue(node, SAME_AS_LOCAL_KEY, publishedSameasLocal_);
parseValue(node, DTMF_TYPE_KEY, dtmfType_);
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