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Refs #45573
Issue #45573

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Current authors:
Emmanuel Milou <emmanuel dot milou at savoirfairelinux dot com>
- ALSA implementation ( replaces portaudio )
- Dynamic loading of audio codecs ( shared libraries )
- Debian packages
- GTK client error handling
- Plus many portions of code in sflphoned and sflphone-gtk
- Test and debugging
Alexandre Savard <alexandre dot savard at savoirfairelinux dot com>
Alexandre Bourget <alexandre dot bourget at savoirfairelinux dot com>
- IAX implementation
Guillaume Carmel-Archambault <guillaume.carmel-archambault at savoirfairelinux dot com>
- Presence
- Contacts
Yun Liu <yun.liu at savoirfairelinux dot com>
- Change sip library to pjsip
- Support multiple accounts registration
- Add chinese translation
- Many portions of test and debugging
Polytechnic School of Montreal:
- Jean-Francois Blanchard-Dionne <jean-francois.blanchard-dionne at polymtl dot ca>
- Ala Eddine Limame <ala-eddine.limame at polymtl dot ca>
- Alexis S. Bourrelle <bourrelle at polymtl dot ca>
- Marilyne Mercier <marilyne.mercier at polymtl dot ca>
- Jean Tessier <jean.tessier at polymtl dot ca>
- Video layer implementation
- Video conference
Pierre-Luc Beaudoin <pierre-luc.beaudoin at savoirfairelinux dot com>
- Many portions of code
- GTK client implementation
Former authors:
Yan Morin <yan dot morin at savoirfairelinux dot com>
- zeroconf integration
- sflphoned deamon
- add and improve sip core feature
- tests and debugging
Jerome Oufella <jerome dot oufella at savoirfairelinux dot com>
- Many portions of code and bug fixes
Julien Plissonneau Duquene <... at savoirfairelinux dot com>
- autotools cleanups
Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre
- Autotools support and portions of code
Laurielle Lea
- Implementation of SFLphone
Sherry Yang <syangs04 at yahoo dot com>
Imran Akbar <imr at stanford dot edu>
- Working on Win32 port
Mikael Magnusson
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