Commit 142fd85f authored by Éloi Bail's avatar Éloi Bail

daemon: revert to correct method name INFO

Refs #63298

Change-Id: I7f6bb12e72d9de398e35b3fea838a06e0fac4fe5
parent fee561d9
......@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@ SIPCall::sendSIPInfo(const char *const body, const char *const subtype)
if (not inv or not inv->dlg)
throw VoipLinkException("Couldn't get invite dialog");
pj_str_t methodName = CONST_PJ_STR("SFL_INFO");
pj_str_t methodName = CONST_PJ_STR("INFO");
pjsip_method method;
pjsip_method_init_np(&method, &methodName);
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