Commit 1cb755ae authored by Éloi Bail's avatar Éloi Bail Committed by gerrit2

media_decoder: increase jitter buffer size

jitter buffer size is by default equal to 10.
We see often packets reordering (on internet) that can not be managed
by jitter buffer sized to 10. We increase the jitter buffer size to 30.

Notice that it would lead to more latency and thus potentially to

Issue: #80311
Change-Id: I8e6ba6faea2be74602c5e63fded1b0d896c7a847
parent b7ee00ee
......@@ -88,6 +88,9 @@ int MediaDecoder::openInput(const DeviceParams& params)
av_dict_set(&options_, "loop", params.loop.c_str(), 0);
av_dict_set(&options_, "sdp_flags", params.sdp_flags.c_str(), 0);
// force jitter buffer queue size to 30 instead of 10
av_dict_set(&options_, "reorder_queue_size", "30", 0);
RING_DBG("Trying to open device %s with format %s", params.input.c_str(),
int ret = avformat_open_input(
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